Aetna COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

Aetna COVID-19 Vaccine PSA


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CVS Health/Aetna Better Health are uniquely positioned to lead and address vaccine uptake hesitancy, allay anxieties and offer hope to the most vulnerable members of our communities, especially in African American and Hispanic communities within our Medicaid footprint.

Nearly 20% of Americans were covered by Medicaid in 2019. These are the doers. Hardworking people, fighting to overcome. Essential workers who didn’t have the luxury to WFH. They know challenge, and they rise to meet it. We’ve met these people before, early in the pandemic, and celebrated them. Now our aim is to empower them. To remind them of their critical role, not only for the jobs they do, and the economy they’ve kept functioning, but for their ability to take that conquering spirit and help overcome the disease – one vaccination at a time.

Messaging speaks to why vaccines are safe, the benefits of protecting oneself and family, the fact that the vaccines are free, and that Aetna is there to offer support, in any way it can.

Our work was featured in an array of prominent news outlets, from Variety, to AdAge, The Drum, and more.

This video is featured on Adobe for best use of stock imagery during the pandemic.

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